I am a WRITER who has over many years developed knowledge and skill in the realms of healing, astrology, classical teachings, and native understandings. Happily, I’ve long been involved with writing and speaking about the thousands of positive 21st Century sustainable agrarian initiatives arising.

In classical mythology the centaur Chiron strove to bridge the daily with the divine. Likewise, working under the umbrella of Chiron Communications, I strive also as a writer, consultant, speaker and healer.

You are invited to check out the scroll listing my books at the bottom of these web pages. The books aim to create bridges of practical wisdom, arcing among heaven and earth, weaving together choruses of sage voices.

I would welcome an opportunity to consult with you about the pathway of your life and the forces bearing upon it, or to offer in service to your health an introduction to the healing lineages I am honored to carry.

– Steven McFadden