About Steven McFadden & Chiron Communications

Chiron Communications is a conceptual umbrella to unify my diverse work as a writer, speaker, consultant and healer.

As a journalist, I’m the author of a broad range of  non-fiction books. Most of them are on display at the bottom of the page if you wish to learn more.

steven4I’m also the author of an epic nonfiction saga of North America: Odyssey of the 8th Fire. The 8th Fire tells a true story arising from the deepest roots of our land, but taking place in the present and the future. In it, circles upon circles, elders make a great and generous giveaway of the teachings they carry.

I founded Chiron Communications in the early 1980s, but then rested the enterprise in the 1990s to serve as National Coordinator for the annual Earth Day Celebration (1993) and later as director of The Wisdom Conservancy at Merriam Hill Education Center in Greenville, New Hampshire, as a participant with The Balaton Group, and as one of the pilgrims on a great universal prayer walk from the eastern sea across Turtle Island (North America) to the western gate at the edge of the Pacific.

Steven McFadden (Photo by Elizabeth Wolf, 2016)

Steven McFadden (Photo by E. Wolf, 2016)

Reiki Master of long standing, I’ve taught the Reiki healing techniques to hundreds of students across North and Central America. It was my privilege to help John Harvey Gray and Lourdes Gray, Ph.D. write Hand to Hand: The Longest Practicing Reiki Master Tells His Story. I’ve also had the privilege to travel with and to learn from many gifted healers from all over the Americas, as well as from Australia, Africa and Ireland. For over 25 years I’ve offered consultations to individuals through the soul language of astrology; then at the turn of the millennium I was honored to earn certification as a yoga instructor.

As the land calls out ever more powerfully, I maintain an active interest in farming and gardening in general, Food Co-ops, and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)  in particular; I’ve reported on the growth and development of CSA in America since its inception in 1986, striving to articulate The Call of the Land. My most recent book on the subject is Awakening Community Intelligence: CSA Farms as 21st Century Cornerstones (2015, Soul*Sparks Books).

With my wife Elizabeth Wolf, I was a founding partner for Good Medicine Consulting. We served as development consultants and writers for organizations and individuals. We retired that enterprise a few years back to undertake new work.


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