Classical Considerations: Musings Prompted by the Late John H. Finley, Jr.

Classical Considerations: Musings Prompted by the Late John H. Finley, Jr. What does it mean to be a human being? What is the purpose of scientific knowledge, or any rational knowledge?

Understanding of what it means to be a Human Being — in any era of time and any place in the world — is a fundamental wisdom question contemplated in Classical Greece and Classical Native America, as well as hundreds of other traditions around the world.

Becoming a Human Being means attaining the highest level in this life, rising above instincts or base emotions to reach a place of equanimity and integrity, to rise to an expanded level of consciousness by living in physical and spiritual communion with the Earth and the various creatures who share life with us on the land.

For 51 years Professor John H. Finley, Jr. made the archetypal dilemmas of life compellingly relevant in the  lecture halls of Harvard. In the pages of Classical Considerations, his story and his thinking unfols.

Like shards of pottery excavated from some ancient site, the fragments of Professor Finley and the classics offered herein allow readers to extrapolate and to experience some of the debate and discussion that he spurred at Harvard – questions and responses that remain eminently valuable.

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