Reviews & Testimonials

“This wise and provocative collection is highly recommended.” – Library Journal on Profiles in Wisdom

“Our leaders should sit and listen to the counsel Steven McFadden has gathered…” – The Washington Times

Profiles in Wisdom does a fine job not only of presenting the dignity, complexity, and wit of important Indian philosophers and religious leaders, but also of issuing cautions against easy uplift and wisdom injections…There are some stirring and unexpected powers unleashed in this book.” – The New York Times Book Review

Five Star Reward Cocept.“An excellent read. Informative without being preachy. Exactly what I have been looking for. Bravo!” – Smashwords Review written by W.E.L. about Native Knowings: Wisdom Keys for One and All

“It’s inspiring to read about all of the wonderful efforts Steven McFadden details…” – Teresa Opheim, Practical Farmers of Iowa, about The Call of the Land.

The Call of the Land will inspire you with page after page of innovative projects across the country that are having a positive impact on how we eat.” – INGRID KIRST, Community CROPS Executive Director, Lincoln, Nebraska

“McFadden’s call to action is clearly written and well referenced with a robust list of current websites and a bibliography for general reading on positive methods for resolving our food security challenge.” — Charles Francis, Director, Center for Sustainable Agricultural Systems, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, reviewing The Call of the Land.

“…Readers new to this movement sometimes struggle to identify a primer that is accessible and grounded in real-world examples. The Call of the Land lends itself as a tool for such readers, as it not only illustrates a foundational agrarian ethos historically argued by Wendell Berry and Wes Jackson, but it also outlines a variety of practical models and approaches to inform the practice of local food system development. — KIM L. NIEWOLNY and NANCY K. FRANZ, Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development

The Call of the Land workshop (presented by Steven McFadden) was a great benefit to helping us achieve our mission at the Conservation District…The event created a forum for us to meet new individuals who want to work on improving the local food system and re-engage with stakeholders who we have worked with in the past. ”

– Amanda Costello, Cheshire County Conservation District,Walpole NH

“The Call of the Land workshop at Stonewall Farm was a great opportunity to forward our goals of producing a local, sustainable food system in our region.

– Michael Faber, General Manager of Monadnock Food Co-op, Keene, NH

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Critique Magazine: “To the uninitiated, reading Steven McFadden’s Legend of the Rainbow Warriors is a bit like hearing one’s native language spoken with an entirely new accent. The words are familiar, and the ideas and events of which he writes are certainly not news. But the light Mr. McFadden uses to illuminate his subject is alien. Self-sacrifice and stewardship of the land do not mix well with the American traditions of further, faster, and damn the consequences. Indeed, the juxtaposition of American-style progress and Native American sensibilities is one of history’s oddest coincidences…”