Teach Us to Number Our Days: A Compilation of Keys for Adept Aging

 Teach Us to Number our Days (2nd ed.)

*daysfinalThroughout history most successful and long-lived civilizations have held a place of respect for elders, and have benefited from their life wisdom. By and large this tradition is missing today, to the detriment not only of elders but also of society…

True elders are people who have gracefully accepted the passage of time, integrated their life experience with deep understanding, and made the fruit of their long experience available to others.

But how does one do this? How does one become a true elder? As the title of this book echoes, the Biblical figure named Job offers a starting point that is both specific and somewhat enigmatic: “Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom…”


“Only through the rhythmic swing of the pendulum between wisdom and love, not sleepy rest, will the future be rightly formed.”  – Rudolf Steiner

“In later life one sometimes has the feeling of going into a large church and seeing a shaft of light coming down. That shaft of light, perhaps, comes in the period of life between 65 and 70. A lot of people have walked through that shaft of light…But remember, it is the shaft that makes the person, it isn’t the person that makes the shaft.”  – John H. Finley, Jr.
Publisher of the 2nd ed.: Soul*Sparks Books (2014)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781311137876

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