Grafting the Food System to America’s Rootstock

As we are rocked by repeated waves of climate change, and sharp shifts in politics, economics, and society, something durable is called for – something strong, wise, rooted in the land, waiting at last to find a home in our souls. The core native knowings that have been part of culture and agriculture on this […] Read more »

Calling Things by Their Name: The World’s Urgent Summons to Agrosanity

I’ve written an extensive essay on our food and our farms, and the turning point we’ve reached with these foundational matters through 2015. I invite you to check it out on my blog for The Call of the Land. “…In the spirit of calling things by their true name, and based on the realities of summer 2015, […] Read more »

Three Overlooked Seeds at the Core of CSA Farms

Three seed ideas were among the many elements that underlie the actions of the first CSA farmers who in 1985-86 established new ways of farming in America. Those ways have emerged in subsequent seasons to yield as many as 10,000 contemporary community supported farms (CSAs) in cities, suburbs, towns, villages and churches across the land. […] Read more »

No No Nano: Community Food as Firewall

On one of my other blogs, The Call of the Land, I’ve just published the following story. To read the rest just follow the link. – Steven M.   No No Nano: My Macro-Objections to Micro-Machinations of Industrial Processed Food “To be interested in food but not in food production is clearly absurd.” – Wendell Berry Steadily, […] Read more »

The Winter Festival: A Mystery Thinly Veiled

“Festivals are not merely the commemoration of historical events or personalities. They are in and of themselves, each year, spiritual events carrying a significance that grows and deepens with the developing phases of human evolution.” — Rudolf Steiner For most of us, for much of the world, the heart of Winter Festival lies obscured behind […] Read more »

The Mounting Imperatives of 21st Century Agrarianism: Farms & Food Face Fundamental Forces

The elemental wherewithal of our farms and our food is in motion. Whirlwinds of change bear upon our land, air, water and climate. Fundamental forces have shouldered their way front and center. The land calls urgently. As reported worldwide this month, scientific evidence shows that the level of the most important heat-trapping gas in the […] Read more »