The Future of CSA Farms: Podcast Conversation

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an agrarian movement that arose in America starting in the 1980s. In an era of general farm consolidation and industrialization, CSA has continued to develop. By now there are many thousands of farms and many hundreds of thousands of households networked directly with local farms. The initial vision of CSA […] Read more »

Humane Husbandry: Nebraska Tries to Blaze a Trail

“Nebraska leads the nation in organic livestock numbers and is one of the leading producers of grass-fed beef. In time we will lead the nation in producing and marketing humanely raised livestock.” – Kevin Fulton, rancher Out of the smoldering rhetorical and legislative rubble of recent years, a band of farmers – the Nebraska Farmers Union – has stepped […] Read more »

Mythic Teachings of Our Land: the Legend of the Rainbow Warriors

Here’s one way of expressing America’s ancient teachings in a soundbite: There will come a time when the Earth grows sick. When it does a tribe will gather from all the cultures of the world. They will  believe in peaceful deeds, not words. They will work to heal the land. They will be the warriors […] Read more »

The Whirling Rainbow of Year 2012

For an understanding of how traditional Daykeepers and native elders of North America regard the end of the Mayan calendar on Dec. 21, 2012, check out my ebook Tales of the Whirling Rainbow: Myths & Mysteries for Our Time. It is a swift, powerful and penetrating look at this momentous era from the vantage of […] Read more »

Kickstarting an Audiobook to Tell True Tales

I’ve launched a Kickstarter project to enable me to make a short, powerful, professionally recorded audio book of Tales of the Whirling Rainbow: Authentic Myths & Mysteries for 2012. Check the project out by following this link. You can support the project not just with a donation, but also by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, […] Read more »

Podcast Post tells of Land and Sea

Veteran broadcast journalist Wendy Garrett got me on the phone the other day to record a podcast for her intriguing Talk Shoe Internet radio show.  Our conversation rambled far and wide. We conversed about the call of wild, the call of the land, and even the call of the Gulf of Mexico as the insidious […] Read more »

This is the Holy Land

“I’m always a little surprised when I hear people say that they are getting on a plane and heading off to the Holy Land,” Winona LaDuke said. “Because the Holy Land is here. This is it right here in America. We are standing right now on Holy Land.  My people have known that forever, and […] Read more »

Native Knowings

It has been my destiny to travel with many contemporary Native American spiritual elders, and to hear many of the teachings they offer about the land and about the era of transition in which we live. I have just created and published a new Soul*Sparks  ebook — Native Knowings: Wisdom Keys for 2012 and Beyond […] Read more »