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The unavoidable challenge of the 21st Century is to respond creatively and wholeheartedly to the urgent call of the land. Our survival depends upon our response. With community and creativity we can bring about environmental repair, economic security, and social renewal. This is the call of the land.

I’ve been writing about the land and the people for nearly four decadesThe Call of the Land is the title of my book and my blog in response to the call. It’s also a forthright description of essential survival-level relationships that urgently require our attention, our intelligence, and our will.

cover.The.CallBoth book and  blog set out a wide range of models – creative 21st Century agrarian responses – to the urgent call of our land. The full title of the book tells the story – The Call of the Land: An Agrarian Primer for the 21st Century – 2nd edition.

The book is concise with theory, and long on actual, practical working examples to show a broad range of possible creative, positive responses. The book is loaded with model after model of ways for  families, neighborhoods, communities, schools, and churches to meet the challenge of caring for the land and providing an ample supply of clean food.

Blog-1383208_93464262My blog for The Call of the Land expresses the urgent call as I and a host of other listeners hear it. In particular it explores positive creative responses to the call of the land, that we might have an abundance of clean food and heal the profoundly distressed environment in which we and our children dwell.

In conjunction with work in the realm of writing and teaching, I pitch in to help build clean, sustainable, equitable community based farm-and-food systems by serving for five years on the Board of Directors for the Open Harvest Natural Foods Coop in Lincoln, Nebraska. The coop serves as a supermarket hub for over 112 local farms. I also served for many years on the advisory board for Buy Fresh, Buy Local Nebraska, and as a member of the Iowa Food Systems Council.

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++  Over 124 articles and growing on my blog for The Call of the Land.