Odyssey of the 8th Fire


Within Chiron’s Cave – Explore Odyssey of the 8th Fire

Odyssey of the 8th Fire
is the true saga
of an epic pilgrimage for the earth
across North America
by people of all colors and faiths
under the Sky Sign
of the Whirling Rainbow


 A creative non-fiction book in online evolution by Steven McFadden

AAAwhirlingrainbowI ask you to listen not just with your minds. I ask you to listen with your hearts, because that is the only way you can receive what it is — what we are giving. These are the teachings of our hearts.

“This walk is going to take eight or nine months. There are lots of elders out there across Turtle Island, and they have many beautiful teachings, many teachings that all the people need now. It is our hope, it is our prayer that they will come forward now that the Eastern Door is open

“It is our prayer that they will meet us as we walk; that they will teach and share what they understand from their hearts. Be patient. Listen to the elders. You need patience to receive these teachings. It doesn’t all come at once. You need patience.”– Frank Decontie, Algonquin

– Frank Decontie, Algonquin
June 23, 1995 – First Encounter Beach, Massachusetts

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