Consultations with Steven McFadden

StevenM.2016For thousands of years, in all parts of the world, people have carefully observed the stars, planets, and eclipses. As patterns became apparent in the sky, observers noticed the patterns mirrored on earth, as if a holographic relationship existed among earth, sky and people. Thus eventually over centuries of observation an astrological seed thought emerged: As above, so below.

testimonial4An astrological consultation is one vehicle for striving toward the ideal articulated by the ancient Greeks, Know Thyself. That advice remains relevant.

By considering the symbolic language of stars and planets and their relation to earthly patterns of experience, people may make illumined decisions as they move through life — employing intelligence, free will, and informed choice.

As a student of astrology for many decades, I’ve had the privilege of learning from some talented, insightful teachers, and also had the honor of consulting with hundreds of people about the core issues they are engaged with in life.

I’m one of the founding members of the Santa Fe Chapter of NCGR (National  Council for Geocosmic Research). For many years I was a member of the late, internationally celebrated Santa Fe Astrology Forum, and also a regular guest at the popular Star*Talks hosted by Arielle Guttman and Heather Roan Robbins. Nowadays I serve as the generally genial host for gatherings of the Santa Fe Astro Assembly at the renowned Santa Fe Oxygen & Healing Bar.

The ideals I maintain in client consultations are clarity, practicality, and intuitive insight. I strive to give clients objective feedback — in plain English — on the course of their life path, and what they are currently experiencing as mirrored in the sky signs.

My consultations range far and wide. As requested I give specific attention to the forces and circumstances that are bearing upon, and poised to bear upon a client’s life.

You may schedule a consultation in person in Santa Fe, or set up an appointment with me for a remote consultation from anywhere in the world either by telephone or over the Internet via Skype. I provide all clients with a horoscope and a digital recording of the consultation .

How to set up a consultation

Steven McFadden (Photo by Elizabeth Wolf, 2016)

Steven McFadden (Photo by E. Wolf, 2016)

Before using the contact form to arrange an appointment with me, you should determine the location, date, and time of your birth. Accurate birth time – to the minute if possible – is of key significance.

If neither you nor your family recall this information, seek a copy of your birth certificate or birth registration. Contact the hospital where you were born, or the town or city clerk in the municipality where you were born. This is a routine request for them, and usually involves a small fee ($5-$10).

When you have all the information, please use the contact form to request an appointment and we can set a time to meet online.

Natal chart analysis (including discussion of relevant transits and progressions) $150.00. You may pay online with a credit or debit card using PayPal, or by sending a check. Contact me via email for a mailing address.





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My hourly rate for a follow-up consultation (after initial session) is $80.00. To pay for a one-hour consultation, please click on the PayPal logo:





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Note Well:
I strive to provide useful services and information. My consultations are based on each client’s unique personal data, and are tailored – from start to finish – for you as an individual. I maintain strict client confidentiality.

You are responsible for your own life and future. My task as an astrological consultant is to support and to guide you toward understanding, and toward the results you desire where you have the ability and circumstances to pursue them.

No astrological forecast is a guarantee. You have free will, and you choose how to respond to the circumstances of your life. Only you are responsible for your decisions, actions, and how they shape your future. What I do – what any competent professional astrologer does – is to help illuminate your specific gifts, purposes and fulfillments, to indicate conditions and forces you are likely to experience, to explore with you a range of possible reactions, and to specify auspicious times to strive toward your objectives.