Chiron Communique Mutates to the Blogosphere

The Chiron Communique has become a blog.

The Communique was birthed as a paper newsletter in 1989. I published it quarterly from 1989 to 1993, then put it into hibernation while I served as Director of The Wisdom Conservancy, and turned my hand to writing books.

Thanks to the advance of the internet, the Chiron Communiqué emerged from hibernation in June of 2001 with Volume 6, Number 1.

When September, 2004 rolled around, I turned my attention fully to writing Odyssey of the Eighth Fire — the story of a walk across the United States under the ancient teaching of the Seven Fires of the Anishinabi and the sign of the Whirling Rainbow (Sunbow). I’m still at work on that manuscript. It should be ready for publication in 2006.

I have been so deep into the subject of the book, that I have let the Chiron Communique fall back into hibernation. I have things to say, but no time or energy or resources for the full-length articles which characterized the Communique in its e-mail incarnation.

Now, for the sake of convenience, I have changed the format of the Chiron Communique again. It has become this blog.

With good cheer, Steven McFadden (Admin)

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