Portentous Circle of Elders to Gather

aaawhirlingrainbowAs has happened frequently over the last two decades, the Eagle and the Condor will soon fly together once again as ancient teachings unfold, joined in the spirit of our times by the Quetzal.

The joining point is set for April 18-28, 2009, in Northern Arizona, where elders of Native nations from North, South and Central America will come together in one circle, with people of all the colors and all the spiritual pathways, as was long ago foreseen.

The historic, international, multicultural gathering called Return of the Ancestors will also mark the 4th reunion of the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders and Spiritual Guides of the Americas.

Maya Kiche spiritual leader Grandfather Alejandro Cirilo Oxlaj, President of this Council, and also the official Ambassador Extraordinary Itinerant of the Council of Indigenous Peoples of Guatemala, will preside at the gatherings. He has observed that with only four years left to the Mayan Calendar, many people have been stirred to fear the end of the world. The calendar is not predicting the end of the world in 2012, he says, but rather the start of a new era. The April gathering in Arizona is intended to help usher in this new era.

This gathering is fulfilling great prophecies of the North, South and Center. As articulated by don Alejandro, “We have been waiting over 500 years. Our Mayan prophecy says ‘those of the Center (Quetzal) may unite the Eagle of the North with the Condor of the South. We will meet, for we are one like the fingers of the hand. When the Eagle once again flies with the Condor, the Earth will awaken. A lasting peace will unfold in the Americas and will spread throughout the world to unite humanity.”

Beginning on Earth Day in April, the Return of the Ancestors gathering will include Indigenous Elders and Future Wisdom Keepers from every region of the globe, from the highest peaks of the Andes Mountains to the Plains of Africa. They are coming to share their insights and teachings and to help create new guidestone tablets for the upcoming 500 years. The gathering will share a harvest of wisdom and understandings with the intent of helping enable the world to move forward in respect and honor.

This gathering’s commitment to the focal point of ceremony, offers pilgrims of the world – all colors and all spiritual pathways — the opportunity to witness councils focused on sharing wisdom from the ancestors, as well as to participate in songs and sacred ceremonies.

Adam Yellowbird and the private, non-profit Institute for Cultural Awareness will serve as host for Return of the Ancestors. To learn more about how to support or participate, contact ICA directly at 928-646-3000 or visit their website.