Journey Among the Wind Walkers

Copyright 2007 by Steven McFadden

While Leon Secatero was teaching at a conference in early February, he experienced a stroke. He eventually lost consciousness and found himself on the other side.

According to observers, Leon’s stroke began to manifest while he was talking in front of the group at the Travelodge hotel in Ottawa, Ontario. They saw him slow down, and then have difficulty remembering and speaking. Leon later lost consciousness. People at the conference immediately cared for him, arranged medical assistance, and began praying and doing ceremonies.

Strokes happen to people when blood vessels are blocked by clots, which restrict the flow of glucose and oxygen to the brain. Because strokes can impact the brain the way a heart attack impacts the heart, they are sometimes referred to as a “brain attacks.”

When Leon experienced his stroke and journeyed to the other side, he found himself among an assembly of Wind Walkers — the spirits of the many elders and medicine people he has known over the decades of his life. The Wind Walkers had knowings they wanted to share. Their communications helped illuminate Leon’s understandings about the sacred path leading into the next 500 years…

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