Mythic Teachings of Our Land: the Legend of the Rainbow Warriors

freebowHere’s one way of expressing America’s ancient teachings in a soundbite: There will come a time when the Earth grows sick. When it does a tribe will gather from all the cultures of the world. They will  believe in peaceful deeds, not words. They will work to heal the land. They will be the warriors of the rainbow.

Over the centuries many of the elders of the Americas have dreamed that people of all colors and faiths would come together on the land and heal the earth.

I’ve long felt that these mythic notions are in many ways what the good food-community food movement is about. It’s  not just providing clean food so people might have strong bodies and minds, but also about right relations, and directly involving people in healing the earth — or otherwise inspiring them to empower ambassadors (farmers and gardeners) to touch and heal the earth on their behalf.

The rainbow tales are not prophecies, but rather understandings or teachings. The stories originate from many visionary elders of the Americas, figures such as Black Elk, Weetucks, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Quetzalcoatl, Crazy Horse, White Shell Woman, and Eyes of Fire. The understandings have been passed on through the generations to the present. They continue to inspire hope, vision, and positive action among human beings.

Thus, it seemed to me auspicious when earlier this week The Harlem Writers Guild announced the release of a new ebook version of one of my early works that weaves together a great many of these teachings, Legend of the Rainbow Warriors.

Legend of the Rainbow Warriors is a true account of the pluralistic myths and mysteries of the Americas. As critics have noted it’s also an exploration of how those archetypal teachings are resounding through real time.

Legend of the Rainbow Warriors is now available for immediate download in an array of ebook formats — as well as print formats — from either or

“I urge everyone…to read this small yet exceptionally powerful book.” – Odyssey Magazine

“This is one of those books…once you’ve read it you will wonder what you had been thinking of the world before that time. It is informative, inspirational, wise and genuinely important.” – One Heart

“…McFadden offers insight and hope. Further, he speaks to the power of individuals to address the overwhelming and complex problems facing us today—locally as well as globally.” – Headline Muse

“An extraordinary book. We recommend that it be read by all college students and their professors who are concerned about future life on earth. – Cynthia Knuth, FONA

“…you will want to reread it often and keep it handy for reference… Although the prophecies were made many years ago, they ring true for those who are living in today’s world.” – Amazon customer