R.I.P. John Harvey Gray – Esteemed Reiki Teacher

Celebrating The Life and Legacy of John Harvey Gray
April 10, 1917 to January 12, 2011

My teacher – the longest practicing Reiki Master in the West – John Harvey Gray passed away peacefully in his home in New Hampshire on January 12, 2011, three months prior to his 94th birthday. At his bedside, were his beloved wife, Dr. Lourdes Gray, his daughter-in-law Monika Gray, and his faithful Yellow Lab, Mickie.

I met John and learned Reiki from him in the late 1970s, later receiving his instruction and guidance as I also became a Reiki Master.  John was a wonderful teacher to me, and to many hundreds of students.  To read his full obituary, follow this link to the John Harvey Gray Reiki Center.