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StevenMcFadden.2015Reiki Training offers a disciplined foundation in hands-on, human-energy therapy. Everyone can learn. For parents, friends,  health-care professionals, massage therapists, homemakers and others can complement their knowledge with understanding and practical skill in the realm of human-energy medicine.

Reiki training gives participants a foundational understanding of the traditions of energy work.

The training also conveys the practical capacity to employ one particular technique, Reiki, to support the well being and healing of people in stress. By extension the Reiki training also gives people the same capacity to support the health of their families and friends, their pets, and themselves.

Reiki is  a simple, natural process for supporting health and healing. The Center For Reiki Research has developed The Touchstone Process to evaluate and document studies of Reiki effectiveness. Recent data shows strong evidence that Reiki is indeed responsible for a positive biological response in both humans and animals.

Every person has the ability to express healing energy through his or her hands. It is part of our human heritage.

In fact, laying-on of hands is among the oldest and most widely practiced of complementary healing modalities, dating back many thousands of years in cultures all around the globe. Reiki is a part of this extensive history; it is a particular approach to energy healing that disciplines and refines a basic human capacity.

My Lineage (pictured from top down) - Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hyashi, Hawayo Takata, John Harvey Gray, Steven McFadden.

My Lineage (pictured from top down) – Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hyashi, Hawayo Takata, John Harvey Gray, Steven McFadden.

Reiki can be used for relief of stress, for enhanced well-being, and for supporting the recovery of seriously ill or post-operative patients.
Reiki is also useful in helping to stabilize people in trauma or other distressed emotional states, as well as to ease the discomfort of people who are dying.

PODCAST @ REIKI – Early in 2017, my old friend Allan Balliett interviewed me for his wide-ranging collection of podcasts. We talked in depth about Reiki hands on healing. You can listen to or download the podcast here.

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Class and lecture schedule

2017 – Level I Classes 
Saturday, January 28, 2017 from 9 AM-4 PM in Santa Fe, NM

2017 – Level II Classes 
Saturday, March 18, 2017 from 9 AM-4 PM in Santa Fe, NM

Level I Reiki Training gives students a foundational comprehension of energy healing, basic proficiency in the Reiki technique, and competency in administering a complete Reiki Treatment. Reiki I training includes:

  • Origin, history and purpose of Reiki.
  • Practice  scanning
  • Four Reiki I attunements
  • Uses and potentials of Reiki
  • Practice of the Usui-Gray protocol
  • Legal and ethical considerations with Reiki
  • Demonstration of proficiency
  • Level I Reiki Certification
  • Evaluation

REGISTRATION FOR REIKI I – Tuition for the Reiki I class is $175.00. To register you may pay by debit or credit card using  PayPal. Just click the button below.



Level II Reiki Training builds upon the foundation of Level I, and equips students with three specific techniques for amplifying Reiki energy for complementary care, and understanding of how to apply the Reiki techniques in specific situations, such as emergencies, care of the dying, and trauma recovery.

Through classroom practice, students deepen their knowledge and capacity of Reiki to earn certification as Reiki practitioners. Reiki II training includes:

  • Review of foundational Reiki principles and uses
  • Four Reiki II attunements
  • Three Reiki hand symbols to amplify energy
  • Reiki for specific conditions
  • Administering Reiki to yourself
  • Reiki in emergencies
  • Demonstration of proficiency
  • Level II Reiki Certification – Practitioner
  • Evaluation

REGISTRATION FOR REIKI II – Tuition for the Reiki II class is $200.00. To sign up for the class you may contact me by email and arrange to send a check, or pay online with a debit or credit card using Paypal. Just click the Paypal button below.

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