Suit-speaking.2016With respect, I offer my skills as speaker, facilitator and workshop leader.

It’s been my privilege over the years to work with groups both large and small from coast to coast, and abroad. I’ve spoken at conferences, workshops, and seminars, as well as in banks, insurance companies, hospitals, forests, farm fields, bookstores, churches, libraries, and colleges.

Now it’s time to do more.

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Reiki Training – I’ve been practicing and teaching the art and discipline of  Reiki hands-on complementary healing for almost 40 years. I offer Reiki training classes in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Everyone can learn Reiki healing, and everyone is welcome. Certificates awarded. You must complete Reiki I before taking Reiki II. For more information or to register, click here.



dingbat Odyssey of the 8th Fire – June, 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of the first steps along the Odyssey of the 8th Fire. To celebrate it, journalist Steven McFadden will sound the drum, tell the tale, and show an 8th Fire film relating the fundamental wisdom teachings of North America.

This one-time evening event – Odyssey of the 8th Fire – is set for Thursday evening, June 25, 2015 , 7-9:30 PM at the Unitarian Church of Lincoln, 6300 A St. Lincoln, Nebraska. The Odyssey is free, although the storyteller will “throw a blanket” to cover costs.


Storyteller McFadden will relate the true tale of a great prophetic pilgrimage from the Atlantic to the Pacific which began precisely 20 years ago — a pilgrimage which remains suspended in mystery. The journey began in the east at the Atlantic sea,  then the pilgrims walked for eight months across the Heartland, fading at the Pacific’s Western Gateway.

In the unfolding of this true tale, learned elders of all nations make a great and generous giveaway of the teachings they carry for human beings.

If you’d like to sit in the circle and hear the story, you can join the Facebook events page for Odyssey of the 8th Fire.

Watch the trailer for the film at this link:


OHlogo40th Anniversary CelebrationOpen Harvest Cooperative. Sunday, November 8, 2015. The 3,000+ members of the Open Harvest Co-op in Lincoln, Nebraska will mark the 40th Anniversary.

Our co-op is engaged in business with over 100 local, sustainable farms, and has been a pioneer in bringing healthy food to the capital city.



Yoga for Yeomen and Yeowomen: Farm Safety 101

Farm Women at Work - Georges Seurat

Farm Women at Work – Georges Seurat

A yeoman is a farmer or householder who diligently cultivates the land working constantly with his or her body – someone who works also with the forces of nature, tools, and machines.

Farmers and gardeners must properly care for their bodies – for the body is our most valuable piece of equipment, and over the years it eventually absorbs tremendous wear and tear.

In this experiential, physical workshop, we will talk about basic body safety for farmers, gardeners, and householders. Then we will learn and practice some stretches to keep our bodies strong, limber, and uninjured while we attend to garden, farm, and kitchen chores. Participants will want to wear loose, comfortable clothing for this session.