The Mother of All Particles: Epic Discovery for Physics & Metaphysics

Relatives , I invite you to read on and learn of a major moment of recognition, a discovery of importance for both Physics and Metaphysics

bosonI invite you to check out this brief video clip from the March 5, 2013 edition of The New York Times. It’s a clip about discovery in 2012 of the Higgs Boson particle after a decades-long search by a large, sophisticated network of the world’s top physicists.
The Times wrote: “…It was the longest, most costly hunt in science, for an elusive particle that was said to be THE KEY TO THE WORKINGS OF THE UNIVERSE…
“For a generation of physicists, it was an appointment with history.” As you watch the video clip and listen to the scientists comment on the significance of this 2012 scientific and metaphysical breakthrough, you will hear them tell of  finally grasping — at an elemental level — something essentially important about the feminine-yin half of the universe.
The perceptions of the scientists may well remind you  of the understandings about 2012 shared with the peoples for the last two decades by our Mayan relatives in the South Direction. A turning point in time.
Of synchronus note, the same week the Times reported vividly on the Higgs Boson, the UN-sponsored International Womens Day released the a short video clip, One Woman involving 25 singers from 25 nations around the world. In the USA President Obama signed into law the historic Violence Against Women Act.