A message for this moment: Awakening Community Intelligence

CSA book coverI’m pleased to announce publication of my new book, Awakening Community Intelligence: CSA Farms as Community Cornerstones. Both print and eBook editions are now available on Amazon.com.

Over the last decades many thousands of people in all parts of the world have come to recognize in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) a vehicle for approaching land, food, labor, environment and community in a healthier way. Now – in an era with increasing shadows of environmental catastrophe – it’s time to expand exponentially the CSA vision and reality.

The opportunity is before us to establish hundreds of thousands of CSA farms in nations around the world, and to thereby employ a proven, egalitarian model to address the radically changing circumstances in our environment, climate, economics, and social relationships.

Awakening Community Intelligence lays out the vision, and sounds a call to action.

Our civilization is now reckoning with profound disruptions associated with climate change, resource depletion and geopolitical instability. We must respond to our circumstances, or be overwhelmed.

Both globally and locally, we absolutely require intelligent strategies to reduce our vulnerability, to build resilience, and to reckon with the increasing disruptions. CSA farms stand out as promising models with a noteworthy track record. If the CSA model is in fact realized in hundreds of thousands of permutations in diverse communities around the globe, it can make a consequential difference in a host of sane, safe, and superior ways.

As a journalist, I’ve been writing about CSA since its inception in the USA in the late 1980s, and I continue to see possibilities. With Trauger Groh, I’m co-author of the first two books on CSA: Farms of Tomorrow and Farms of Tomorrow Revisited. My other books include The Call of the Land, Profiles in Wisdom, Classical Considerations, and the epic nonfiction saga of contemporary America, Odyssey of the 8th Fire.

The ebook Awakening Community Intelligence is available now in all formats for digital devices and computers from Smashwords. And it’s also available in print and digital editions on Amazon.com, and versions for iBooks via the links below:



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